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Al-Jeel holds its Annual Ramadan Iftar

4 August 2013
Al Jeel Medical and Trading Company (Subsidiary of Abdulghani El Ajou and Sons Holding) held its annual Ramdan Iftar with the participation of the Group’s employees, managers and vice presidents.

The ceremony was held in Riyadh and Jeddah in the Marriott Hotel in the Honor of Mr. Marwan El Ajou Vice Chairman, Mr. Maher El Ajou CEO and Vice Chairman, and Mr. Yazan Abou Zarour General Manager of Al-Jeel who pass on good wishes to the staff and appreciated and thanked them for accepting their invitation and for their dedicated efforts and hard work and wishing them continued success in their careers.

Mr. Marwan El-Ajou said: »We seek to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and family through the celebration of the arrival of the Holy month of Ramadan with the company's staff at the Iftar table« He added «We are also working on enhancing communication between staff and management of the company during these events in recognition of their efforts and to encourage them to continue giving that is behind the success of the company. He pointed out that the company has been accustomed to organizing such an annual gathering in order to enhance coherence and strengthen the relationship between the members of the company (leaders and employees).

From his end, Mr. Maher El-Ajou CEO praised the progress and growth in the group thanks to the planning and support of all the leaders to get the top operating results in all sectors, and welcomed all colleagues and wished them success in their careers in this enormous establishment and to continue giving with dedication and loyalty.

During the ceremony, a number of the company’s employees got honored for their years of service, whereas Mr. Marwan El Ajou offered them certificates of gratitude and appreciation gifts for their efforts during the period of their service.

This honoring is part of the Group’s effort to maintain the high levels that the company has in appreciating the employees and building the exceptional work environment.

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