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El-Ajou Group

El-Ajou Group launched its healthcare business 

Agencies - Signed with Beckman Coulter

Branches - Opened branches in Riyadh and Khobar
Al-Jeel Medical Co. was transformed into an indepenent legal entity

Branches - Established a new branch in Jeddah
Agencies - Signed with KAVO for dental equipment
Agencies - Signed with ERBE for electro and electrical operating units and cautery units, Fujinon Europe, and Richard Wolf Medical Instruments
Agencies - Signed with Sakura for tissue treatment and Histopathology, Datascope (later acquired by Maquet) for patient monitoring and intra- aortic balloon pumps, and ATMOS Inc. for ENT
Agencies - Signed with Reynolds for vocational and medical diagram equipment, and Medicon for automatic surveyors
Agencies - Singed with Air Shields for baby incubators (now known as Dräger), Nikon, Stryker, and Ansell
Agencies - Signed with Medicon for surgical instruments
Agencies - Signed with St. Jude Medical for Cardiac Rhythm Management
Agencies - Signed with Vygon for catheters and catheterization laboratory Projects - In charge of 17 Hospitals (Ministry of Health)
Agencies - Signed with Bio-Rad for life science, statistical and industry equipment
Agencies - Signed with Instrumentation Laboratories for blood gas anlaysis and coagulation
Agencies - Signed with Medtronic for defibrillators, Gen-Probe, Fluke Biomedical for calibration equipment, and Physio Control

Projects - Implemented the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system
Agencies - Signed with DeguDent for dental equipment
Agencies - Signed with Ventana Medical Systems, Roche, and KCI

Projects - In charge of Mina Emergency Medical Tower
Agencies - Signed with Biomerieux for immunoassays and hormone therapy

Certification - Received ISO Certification for Quality Management
Agencies - Signed with Hologic, Trilux, and Schmitz

Branches - Opened a new branch in Qaseem

Projects - In charge of Mina Al-Wadi Hospital in Makkah, 200 beds
Agencies - Signed with Oxyheal for oxygen treatment systems, and Siemens for ultrasound

Projects - Implemented the first hyperbaric system project in King Saud University
Agencies - Signed with Siemens for Radiology, and Thermo Fisher Scientific
Agencies - Signed with Codan Argus for infusion pumps

Projects - In charge of Rehabilitation Center in Taif (Ministry of Defense)
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